I'm an interactive developer at MarklynArts where I build and maintain digital experiences.
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Visual communication is key to portraying an idea. Ad fontes is a Latin expression which means "[back] to the sources". The idea that sound knowledge depends on the earliest and most fundamental sources. This principle is applied to my design with the foundational array of design, aesthetic, fine art, color theory, UI & UX



My focus is primarily interactive front-end development, specializing in JavaScript, SCSS and semantic HTML. I'm passionate about solving complex problems through coding, design, art, user interaction, and innovation. Some of my tools are Node.js, Apache, React, Vue.js, Angular.js, Express, Mongo, Git, GitHub/Bitbucket, PHP, MySQL, Rest API's, Wordpress (theme and plugins), jQuery and many custom library, package and API endpoint integrations.



I feel that my knowledge of this ecosystem and keeping adept in it’s changing atmosphere is what give me the advantage when consulting w/ my clients on the lifecycle of development project. I have a broad range of utility and library experience that helps me be a more efficient developer that saves cost and effort on both me and my clients.

When I’m not jamming code, I like to spend my time snowboarding, mountain biking, rafting and exploring the world with my family.
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Contact Me

I love hearing from folks, send me an email and I'll be getting right back at ya. ryan@ryanmparrish.com

Have a nice day!
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