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Some fiddles, gizmos and experiments.

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  • Make it Snow

    a little js script to make it snow.

  • Web Design

    I focus my design around creating unique, elegant user interfaces, inteligent navigation, userfriendly and functional website designs that are build with development in mind. { Titivation }

  • Print Design

    Some print design work over the years includes: books, program guides, conference manuals, ads, magazine layouts, Invitations, Buisnes Cards & résumé’s. { délicatesse }

A little bit about me.

Ill keep it short and sweat, but in case your interested.

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  • I have Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, & Adobe CS. As well as a rounded knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, CSS3/HTML5, Responsive Design, LESS, PHP, MySql, JSON, XML , AS2&3, & Final Cut.

    For development I use IntelliJ, Coda, Sublime Text, Simple-LESS, SVN, GIT, TFS & Visual Studio.

    I also have a fair knowledge of Java, backbone.js, Maya, AfterEffects & Blender.